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Change & Transition Management

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The transformation of the national and international energy system depends on the rapid implementation of smart infrastructure solutions, which allow a significant and sustainable use of distributed renewable ressources. That is why a large number of technological, institutional and social innovations have to be orchestrated.

AIT offers independent consulting services for long-term strategic decision making to all actors in the energy system to tackle opportunities and challenges in the energy transition / Energiewende. Customers profit from AIT´s detailed expertise in all aspects of Smart Grids. Our interdisciplinary team also supports and facilitates intra-organisational change management as well as transition management processes between different actor groups.

Our customers and partners are national and international stakeholders like government agencies and authorities as well as energy suppliers, energy-intensive industries, entrepreneurs and non-profit organisations.

Our services

  • We support network development and orchestration between different groups of incumbents and new stakeholders
  • We design and facilitate corporate as well as participatory foresight porcesses for the development of robust scenarios and transition paths for future energy systems.
  • We support our customers in the development of visions, roadmaps and business models for the implementation of Smart Grids solutions
  • We provide horizon scanning services and observation of research and technology developments
  • We support and facilitate intra-organisational change processes and complex innovation processes
  • We provide advise on research and innovation strategies
  • We provide evaluations and impact assessment of systemic solutions

Your benefits

  • Professional support of change processes and transition management
  • Access to the latest scientific insights on the long-term transformation of the energy system of the future as well as connections to other trends and driving forces like Smart Cities, digitalisation, social innovation etc.
  • Access to international comparative studies and information about the current status of the smart grid discourses in the EU, IEA and the Clean Energy Ministerial
  • Access to systematic monitoring of energy foresight studies and processes throught the European Foresight Platform