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European Forum and oBsErvatory for OPEN science in transport

Open Science is a modern movement that represents a new approach to practicing science, in a way that increases openness, integrity and reproducibility of research. It aims at making scientific process and results more transparent and accessible at all levels and to everyone.

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The rapid growth of digital technologies and new collaborative tools become enablers of Open Science, allowing to speed up the process of adopting open habits and facilitating the sharing of large volumes of information, study materials and data. Europe has the culture and ability to share research activities across national boundaries, which along with its remarkable research and knowledge base, put it in a leading position in the world to promote and expedite the new Open Science way of working.

As the way in which science and research are carried out has changed, BE-OPEN project aims to assist in operationalising Open Science in transport research at the European level, through a series of targeted coordination and support activities.

BE OPEN aims to promote Open Science in transport research and assist in regulating and standardizing it. The overarching vision of BE OPEN is to create a common understanding on the practical impact of Open Science and to identify and put in place the mechanisms to make it a reality in transport research by the setting up and implementation of TOPOS, the Transport Observatory / fOrum for Promoting Open Science.


Expected impacts

  • Develop governance and new operational/business models for enhancing Open Science by describing the rationale of how to create and capture value in economic and social context
  • Develop the European Code of Conduct on Open Science in transport proposing recommendations and proper guidelines that allow setting up a community of transport research organizations
  • Create awareness and visibility in particular towards the transport research Community but also the authorities, Industrial and SMEs, Associations in Transport, Publishing Companies, the various European Technology Platforms, and pursue strong media coverage
  • Engage international stakeholders in mutual learning and sharing experiences
  • Implement the TOPOS forum and observatory tools to contribute to create a solid knowledge base on the implementation of Open Science approach in transport research

Further Information: https://beopen-project.eu/

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BE-OPEN has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824323.
H2020 Call: MG-4-2-2018 Building Open Science platforms in transport research

Overall Budget: € 1.997.284