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Photo of the RoadSTAR - a big yellow truck

Common Framework for a European Life Cycle based Asset Management Approach for transport infrastructure networks

Achieving a well-integrated, optimal performing transport infrastructure network in Europe is a key element in the White Paper on Transport’s overall ambition for a single European Transport Area in 2050. As such it complements and supports the pillars on efficient and sustainable transport means and operations.

The Coordination and Support Action AM4INFRA aimed to overcome the legacy of European transport networks under which they have been developed incrementally (and mostly fragmented) over time within the specific setting of mode and country under various policies and service levels. Building on ongoing bottom-up actions, best practices and contemporary experiences of four National Infrastructure Agencies that are considered frontrunners in the development and application of asset management in their networks governance, it delivered the first ever common European asset management framework approach that enables consistent and coherent cross-asset, cross-modal and cross-border decision making in the context of the White Paper on Transport.

AIT was involved in the Dissemination WP and supported the strategy by defining and approaching the right target audience in Austria and involving them into the project.

Project website: https://am4infra.eu/