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Eff-HVAC – Effiziente Systeme und Betriebsstrategien zur Klimatisierung und Heizung von E-Fahrzeugen

Eff-HVAC is a joint research project between MAGNA Engineering Center Steyr and AIT Austrian Institute of Technology. The project deals with the major limiting factor for the acceptance of electric vehicles, which is the reduced driving range compared to conventional vehicles. This is because on the one hand, the energy storage capacity per weight in batteries is much lower than in a fuel tank. On the other hand, the energy for operating the Heating Ventilation and Air Condition (HVAC) system has to be taken from the battery as well. This project aims to reduce the energy consumption of the HVAC System and therefore increase the maximum driving range of electric vehicles. Using a co-simulation approach between two specialized simulation tools, different heating and cooling concepts are investigated. The results show that even small changes in the heating strategy already have a positive influence on the energy consumption of the vehicle. Additional technologies like thermal storage systems or heat pumps lead to an even higher energy reduction and consequently to an increased maximum driving range.



Project partners:

Engineering Center Steyr GmbH&Co KG (coordinator)