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High efficiency power electronics & electric drive control systems

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The costs of power electronics have a share of 15% in a hybrid (HEV) or battery EV (BEV). In power electronic converters this is reflected in the material effort -mostly for semiconductor chip size, passive storage components such as capacitors and inductances, and heat management such as air or liquid cooling systems.

Utilizing new semiconductors, integrating them with the drive as well as optimizing the drive control raise a high potential of improvement. Furthermore, new concepts of power distribution are needed to cover the increasing demand of electric power in future vehicles.

Our services: 

  • Realize efficiency-optimal and reliable converters for vehicle applications utilizing the latest high switching frequency semiconductors
  • Derive and implement complex control functionalities that improve inverter-machine-interaction in the actual drive system
  • Accelerate execution times of high performance digital control systems through advanced MCU code optimization techniques as well as application of FPGAs.