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Automatic Generation of Fingerprints for Innovative Complete Indoor Localization Systems

AGENT (“Automatic GENeration of fingerprints for innovative complete indoor localization systems”) is designed to address these issues and take out some of the complexity to eliminate barriers to adopting Indoor Mobile Wayfinding solutions.

Instead of time consuming manual planning and taking recordings of the building, AGENT will enable computer-aided planning with automated creation of a 3D digital map. Furthermore, a sophisticated simulation of the Beacon installation will help assess the amount of Beacons required and where to place them in order to get the most accurate positioning results.

This way no money will be wasted on ordering excess hardware or vice versa, faulty installations due to insufficient hardware or misplacements can be avoided. The AGENT innovation helps increase efficiency substantially by cutting down on the time needed for the implementation process and optimizing resource planning.

AGENT project was kicked off in July 2016 and is scheduled to finish later this year. This set of innovations is expected to change the game for Indoor Positioning solutions and those who want to adopt them.