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Dynamic vehicular channel emulation

connected autonomous vehicle

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Wireless communication links are a fundamental aspect for connected autonomous vehicles. In this scenario, wireless communication takes place between machines which demand fundamentally new communication system properties such as low-latency, defined error probability, an interface to control algorithms and the ability to operate in challenging environments.

Repeatable tests for connected autonomous vehicles

For vehicular communication links (V2V and V2X) the received field strength varies randomly over time leading to varying frame error rates. This random process is determined by the environment of the communication link and the position of the transmitter and receiver. For the repeatable test of connected autonomous driving algorithms, we offer a dynamic real time wireless channel emulation system using software-defined-radio equipment. AIT’s solution allows for repeatable performance tests in a lab setup, avoiding expensive and labor-intensive driving tests on the road. The AIT dynamic channel emulator can be linked to a vehicle kinematic simulation such as IPG CarMarker to update the coordinate and velocity of the involved vehicles in real-time. The AIT dynamic real-time channel emulator is independet of the used communication technology and can be applied for IEEE 802.11p (ITS G5, WAVE), LTE-Vehicular or 5G links.