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Development of a Global Network for Secure Communication based on Quantum Cryptography.

The vision of SECOQC is to provide European citizens, companies and institutions with a tool that allows facing the threats of future interception technologies, thus creating significant advantages for European economy.

SECOQC will provide the basis for long-range high security communication in a network regime that combines the entirely novel technology of quantum key distribution with solutions from classical computer science, network design and cryptography.

The project SECOQC aims at evolving quantum cryptography into an instrument that can be operated in an economic environment. The scientific and technological work carried out during the last decade has created a stable foundation for the realisation of the project but there are still essential tasks to be pursued and research issues to be solved.


  • Starting date: April 2004
  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Budget: 14,7 Million €
  • Funding: 11,4 Million € from the EU
  • Coordination: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
  • Partner: 41 from 12 countries, 25 universities, 5 national research centres, 11 private businesses, of which 3 are SME’s.