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The act of defining, optimizing and performing information reconciliation protocols as a vital part of secret key agreement in quantum cryptography is the main research focus of our work in the field of QKD post-processing.

Based on our early achievements on BB84 and discrete variables QKD we showed improvements to theCascade error correction and made significant progress with other error correction techniques increasing throughput and efficiency. Turning to continuous variables we place emphasis on the use of fast parameter estimation techniques based on homodyne and/or heterodyne measurements.

Our designed, developed and implemented protocols run on multi-core systems, take advantage of GPU processing power but also target small and low-end processors or systems with limited capabilities.

We are committed to the QKD community and are happy to provide some of our work as Open Source software for download. (*)

(*) AIT QKD related software can be obtained at https://sqt.ait.ac.at/software/projects/qkd.

Please note that, due to EU export restrictions, we are entitled to grant access to our software to EU citizens only.