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Alongside our QKD setup with quantum related hardware and QKD post-processing protocols we offer a QKD key management system to integrate and therefore realize quantum key distribution for any application.

AIT has developed the Quantum Point-to-Point Protocol (Q3P) which enables information theoretically secure message transmission by the use of shared secret keys derived by QKD. Q3P can be seamlessly integrated into modern network infrastructure and is used as a building block for complex end-to-end QKD networks.We are participating in national and international standardization efforts creating common ground for various QKD network initiatives.

Q3P, QKD key management, and QKD network integration software have been bundled as Open Source software and are available for download. (*)

(*) AIT QKD related software can be obtained at https://sqt.ait.ac.at/software/projects/qkd.

Please note that, due to EU export restrictions, we are entitled to grant access to our software to EU citizens only.