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Photovoltaic Components

scientist working on a photovoltaik panel

Quality assurance of systems and components

Our service portfolio covers the entire value chain – from module and cell characterisation and type approval testing through to development support and scientific consulting.

Our services

PV modules and solar cells

  • Independent performance measurements
  • Type approval testing of PV modules
  • Quality measurements and accelerated aging tests
  • Benchmarking of PV module types and supplier assessment

Accelerated aging

  • Long term UV simulation (e.g. 25 years)
  • Dynamic mechanical load testing
  • Ammonia corrosion testing
  • Salt mis corrosion testing
  • Methods for detection of PID


Membership/Standardisation Committees

CENELEC/IEC TC82, TC64IECEE CB SchemeOVE E03 (Austrian Electrotechnical Association)Lab accepted by First Solar (PD-5-434 Rev 3.1 - Qualified Laboratories)


Benefits for PV module manufacturers

  • Improved quality through extensive testing during the development stage
  • Reliable information about material compatibility based on accelerated aging tests
  • Competitive advantages through certified resilience and durability
  • Support in the development of innovative solutions for specific applications, e.g. building-integrated PV