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Key role in Europe's energy transition

Sustainable cost reductions and the massive expansion of production capacities have made photovoltaics (PV) a competitive energy generation technology that plays a key role in Europe's energy transition towards CO2 neutrality. By the end of 2019, well over 500 GW of PV capacity had already been installed worldwide, and this number will multiply in the coming decades. For this we need a PV expansion that is not only realized on roofs and open spaces, but that solar power is integrated in various areas of the (built) environment and coupled to other sectors.

The experts at the AIT Center for Energy can draw on more than 15 years of profound expertise in the field of photovoltaic systems.

The research portfolio includes development:

  • of data-based methods for increasing the performance and improved maintenance of PV power plants.
  • advanced evaluation methods and test procedures for PV modules and their main components.
  • functional coatings for use in next generation solar cells and optical components.