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Simulation of melt feeding systems

Melt feeding systems have a considerable influence on the process stability in the lightmetal production

During manufacturing processes of light metal semi-finished products (extrusion, continuous casting, ...) melt conditioning is usually carried out distant from the final solidification process step. Feeding systems are used to bridge these distances, whereby the melt must be available in a process-ready quality at the end of this step. The process capability is essentially determined by the temperature and the melt quality. These two parameters can be influenced by the heat balance and a preferably calm flow in the feeding system.

For this reason, a numerical analysis of these feeding systems is carried out at the LKR. The latest simulation technology from the field of numerical fluid mechanics is used for this purpose. The focus here is on the adequate representation of the heat balance and turbulence. Based on these simulations, a systematic improvement of the channel geometry can be carried out.