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Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing Simulation

Process simulation of Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing (Wire-AM) to predict the temperature distribution in the component as well as resulting distortion and residual stresses

Numerische Simulation des WAAM-Schweißprozesses
Numerische Simulation des WAAM-Schweißprozesses

Simulation der Temperaturverteilung in einem Bauteil während eines Wire-AM Prozesses

In the field of 3D printing with metals, the wire and arc addictive manufacturing process offers the possibility of producing large-volume workpieces, which contrasts with conventional powder bed processes. Additionally, Wire-AM has a high deposition rate, which results in a high production speed.

To be able to predict the material properties of metals, the temperature history of the component, caused by the process, is of great significance. By means of numerical simulation, the process can be simulated, in order to predict where heat concentrations occur, and their influence affects the residual stresses, as well as the distortion of the geometry.

LKR is working on a simulation model based on the finite element method that simulates the Wire-AM manufacturing process of components and thus provides an insight in these thermomechanical processes. The knowledge gained from this contributes to the understanding of the real process and can be directly put into practice at the LKR through close cooperation between the simulation and Wire-AM manufacturing team.