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Simulations can help to understand processes and component behavior in practice and reduce or even eliminate expensive tests. LKR's expertise in the field of numerical simulation ranges from user-oriented simulations and the development of new simulation methods to the research of basic approaches. Always with the focus and in coordination with the processes and components of the end users.

Our Services

  • Material modelling
  • Component simulation
  • Process simulation

Solidification simulation

Simulation of the microstructure of aluminium during solidification

Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing Simulation

Process simulation of Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing (Wire-AM) for the prediction of temperature distribution in the component as well as resulting distortion and residual stresses

CFD cooling simulation

Simulation of cooling mechanisms including phase transitions of the cooling fluid for the production of semi-finished products

Simulation of melt feeding systems

Melt feeding systems have a considerable influence on the process stability in the lightmetal production

Continuous casting simulation

Simulation of the continuous casting process to determine residual stresses and deformations

Metal Extrusion Simulation

Simulation of the metal extrusion process to improve tool designs, optimize process parameters and thus improve process performance

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Researchteam Numerical Process Simulation

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