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Human motion analysis for functional exercise training

Sensor Data

AIT experts are developing software for 3D analysis of motion parameters relevant in functional exercise training and physiotherapy based on body-worn motion sensors. Specific features such as sway radius, gait abnormalities or shaky movements while going upstairs or downstairs are recognised in real time, and feedback for the user is generated via voice output on a smartphone, for example.

A specific goal is functional exercise training for elderly people and persons with cognitive challenges and frailty. It has been suggested that frailty in dementia sufferers encourages a "vicious circle" of faster physical decline: cognitive deficits restrict the mobility and therefore opportunities for any kind of physical activity, while inactivity fosters further cognitive decline. This vicious circle needs to be interrupted in order to promote an active and meaningful life, and to provide the opportunity to stay at home for longer. A web-based coaching system is being implemented to provide individualised training support for the subjects.