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3D Scene and Motion Analysis

The surveillance of high security areas requires three-dimensional (3D) imaging in high temporal and spatial resolution. It is used for the precision counting of people in gates at airports, and monitoring human motion for diagnostic purposes. We apply novel time-of-flight (TOF) sensors and body-worn sensor networks to automatically analyse human motion in real-time and derive measures and decisions.

TOF sensors can provide both depth and grey-scale images at a rate of 30 frames per second or more. The TOF technology opens up a variety of cost-effective solutions for both indoor and outdoor surveillance at distances of up to around 5 meters. This technology will largely replace today’s stereo camera systems because it works independently of ambient lighting, has lower hardware costs and better spatial resolution.

Data fusion of body-worn accelerometers, gyroscopes and GPS receivers enables automatic reconstruction of motion trajectories in 3D. Medical and health applications include mobility training, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, sleep assessment, health research and clinical trials. Our software solution provides custom-computed motion features and online connection via smartphone.


  • Feasibility studies and pilot projects for scene and human motion analysis in 3D
  • Development and evaluation of prototypes
  • Contract research and development for innovative, custom solutions