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Analysis of a mouse with tracers and computer tomography

Molecular Imaging

Molecular imaging methods such as positron emission tomography (PET) supplies detailed images of disease processes at cellular level in the living organism. Combined with magnetic resonance tomography (MRT), PET provides unique insights into the molecular basis of diseases.

The targeted use of molecular imaging at key stages of drug development gives our customers a sound decision making basis for the further development process.

AIT has an interdisciplinary team of internationally renowned experts in molecular imaging. Our preclinical high-end research infrastructure and longstanding expertise in the planning and implementation of preclinical imaging studies makes us a reliable partner in both basic and applied research for the pharmaceuticals industry. Our established research network enables our customers rapid translation of preclinical results to clinical trials. 

Research Services

PET radiochemistry
Pre-clinical microPET and microMRT studies
Image analysis, dosimetry and modelling

Publications (Selection)

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