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Energy system transformation and social innovations

The success of a transformation to a sustainable society depends in particular on the success of a transition to a sustainable energy system. In addition to technical developments, this energy transition is largely determined by their social, cultural and institutional embedding and therefore also requires social innovations in the sense of reconfiguring established practices. Only in an interplay of technological and social innovations will the profound structural change in the sense of a "great transformation" to a sustainable society succeed. The SINNergyTRANS project aims to compile detailed methodological profiles with which social innovations for the energy transition can be created, accompanied and evaluated. Central to this is the consideration of the systemic and context-sensitive embedding of social innovations. Finally, depending on the concrete socio-economic systems in which a practical field of the energy transition is embedded, other social innovations and other methods for their promotion and evaluation are needed.

Key Words: sustainable energy system, energy transition, sustainable society, detailed methodological profiles

Start: 05/2018

Duration: 15 months

Customer / Funding Organisation: FFG Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft

AIT-Contact: Gudrun Haindlmaier