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Mobility, Quality of Life and Demographic Change

Demographic change is a process which is subject to every modern society and one of the grand societal challenges of our times. This project tries to find answers to the following question: In which direction should research funding policy in the area of mobility develop in order to maintain or improve the people's quality of life against the background of demographic change? Based on measure analyses and a paticipative foresighted stakeholder process, the study provides the basis for the development of interdisciplinary RTI-relevant measures in the context of life quality and demographic change.

Key Words: Grand Societal Challenges, Demographic Change, Mobility, Research Policy, Innovation Policy, Policy Coordination

Start: 03/2014

Duration: 12 months

Funded by: Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie

Website: https://www2.ffg.at/verkehr/studien.php?id=1166&lang=de&browse=programm

Contact: Michael Dinges