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ERA-LEARN is a support platform for the Public-Public-Partnerships (P2P) community, funded as a support action (CSA) by Horizon 2020. The project is a 4-year initiative (2018-2022), following up on its predecessor ERA-LEARN 2020. On behalf of the European Commission, ERA-LEARN operates a unique database of P2P networks, their calls and funded projects and provides studies and analyses on thematic clustering, internationalization, alignment and much more.
The specific objectives of ERA-LEARN are:

  • increase the visibility of ERA-LEARN by intensifying the close interaction of ERA-LEARN with the P2P community to make it more user-friendly and attractive to the P2P community;
  • increase the relevance by applying a more thematic approach in tackling the issues and challenges identified by P2Ps;
  • support P2Ps with evidence in view of the next EU Framework Programme;
  • support impact assessments by offering trainings and real, full scale pilot assessment exercises as well as special tool-kits to provide guidance and advice addressing also the development of key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • identify and spread good practise for specific common P2P challenges such as widening of participation and inclusiveness of less research intensive countries, internationalisation of P2P networks, reaching out to industry and innovation;
  • engage the P2P community in a dialogue with other stakeholders or initiatives such as Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs).
  • facilitate the identification and handling of emerging issues in relation to P2P strategic development, operation and performance.
  • closer interaction of ERA-LEARN with the P2P community

Key Words:  European Research Policy, Joint Programming, Alignment
Start: 07/2018
Duration: 4 years
Funded by: European Commission – H2020
Website: https://www.era-learn.eu/
Contact: Michael Dinges

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 811171.