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A Foresight Exercise on Emerging Patterns of Innovation

Several new ways of organising innovation activities such as open innovation, crowdsourcing or community innovation are currently emerging in economy and society. While these have been discussed intensively in recent years, there is little systematic exploration of their potential for different sectors and areas and the implications for economy and society. For the first time, a foresight project is conducted to analyse and discuss the formation and development of new innovation patterns and their implications for economy, society and policy. The project is funded within the 7. Framework Programme of the European Commission.

Key Words: Open Innovation, new forms of innovation, innovation models, crowdsourcing, Foresight, innovation strategy, innovation policy

Start: 2011

Duration: 3 years

Funded by: European Commission, DG Research

Partner: Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research, Strategic Design Scenarios, Z_punkt The Foresight  Company

Website: www.innovation-futures.org

Contact: Karl-Heinz Leitner