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Water Purification

Green technologies are used to purify waters of different origin and composition without the addition of chemicals by removing pollutants, while valuable substances are separated and reclaimed. AIT experts support customers (small water suppliers, laboratories, hospitals, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry) in developing and implementing customised solutions for the selective removal of organic, inorganic and biological pollutants from ground, process and waste water and nutrient recovery.



  • Feasibility studies and method comparisons
  • Experimental analysis at laboratory and pilot scale
  • Development of hybrid processes (combined membrane separation and oxidation)
  • Disinfection of drinking water using electrochemical oxidation
  • Degradation of endocrine disruptors in waste water (hormones, drug residues, pesticides)
  • Removal of inorganic pollutants such as heavy metals, ammonium, arsenic, antimony, radioactive elements using natural adsorbents
  • Decoloration of waste water
  • Recovery of P and N from waste water



  • EU Project ChitoClean 2012-2014: “Enhanced Chitin-based Biosorbents for Drinking Water Purification“
  • Waste water purification methods using membrane filtration MESH / foam control (M.U.T)
  • Degradation of pollutants in water using electrochemical continuous flow reactors (Eduard Moritz GmbH)
  • Yellow water treatment: purification and fertiliser production (LINZ AG)
  • Removal of ammonium from drinking water using zeolites (Ludwig-Wassertechnik GmbH)
  • Application of algae for waste water purification and energy production – combined process (M.U.T.)