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Environmental Impact Assessment

Large-scale projects like power plants, production facilities, shopping centres and technical infrastructure often require an environmental impact assessment (EIA) to be carried out prior to the start of construction. AIT specialises in environmental impact statements and assesses the effects, benefits and risks of large-scale technical projects for soil, air, water and plants. Our longstanding expertise provides the basis for scientifically sound expert opinions, reports and surveys.

The results of our assessments are strictly confidential and can be used for submission to authorities.



  • Feasibility studies
  • Risk assessments
  • Environmental impact statements / expert contributions
  • Installation, operation and evaluation of bioindicator measurement networks



Contributions on “Soil and Agriculture” for numerous projects submitted for approval by the power industry (380 kV lines), waste processing facilities (waste incineration plants) and the paper industry.



Wolfgang Friesl-Hanl

Gerhard Soja

Bernhard Wimmer

Gerhard Heiss