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We investigate and exploit future interaction paradigms and building blocks of future interaction. We make digitization graspable by designing and developing innovative interface prototypes that are used for investigation and exploitation.

Interface approaches are delivering well researched interaction solutions to optimize applications and add another layer of positioning future technology. This brings up new solution potentials and technology innovation by new and optimized forms of interfaces for complex contexts. The goal is to investigate selected interaction modalities such as hands free interaction, augmented human approaches, embodied interaction and tangible interaction.

With persuasive interaction approaches we see a high potential with high in house competence and very good position in the international research scene. As a particular viewpoint we will further investigate gamification strategies as specific persuasion strategy. Besides working on specific interaction approaches we will further look into advanced creation and design approaches (design thinking, experience prototyping, making) towards fast tracks to interface innovation (the creation of future interaction approaches based on scientific evidence) and will combine these with research o advancementstypo3/#_msocom_1 in the area of experience and experimental spaces.

Our Solutions: