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Bulk forming

Besides the main material development integration of high performance light metal into industrial manufacturing environment requires effort towards an efficient manufacturing since the higher material strength leads to a lower formability of the material. Therefore measures to manufacture those light metals with equal or reduced costs have to be taken, which can be either a modified process control or new process route. The bulk metal forming processes

  • rolling,
  • extrusion,
  • forging

play a vital role in the manufacturing chain. They transform the casted material into a finished product or a semi-finished product to be further processed in sheet metal forming. Those processes determine the properties of the part heavily. Therefore a special focus should be put on process control. AIT’s research activities in this field are based on facilities in semi industrial scale as well as description of the relevant processes with the help of numerical process simulation. The latter requires a deep knowledge at modeling of the relevant mechanisms and their determination with small scale tests. Besides thermo mechanical deformation behaviour this concerns also friction, which has a major influence on the forming process itself. The knowledge could also be applied on the simulation of machining processes, where the optimization of machining tools for turning, millind and drilling was supported successfully.