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Enhanced Pedestrian Routing and Navigation as well as Walkability Assessment of Pedestrian Ways

Walking is part of almost every journey, no matter which mode of transport is used. In the past, wayfinding for pedestrians has only been performed based on standard car-centric street maps. In these maps, footpaths as well as cycle paths are only partially integrated (e.g., as road attributes). However, for pedestrians, roads are not ways but barriers. New developments in street network datasets open new opportunities for dedicated routing for pedestrians, whose needs are still widely unattended. In particular, the quality of pedestrian ways, the problem for road crossings, and inappropriate navigation remain unsolved. The main objective of the PERRON project, coordinated by the AIT Center for Technology Experience, is to improve pedestrian navigation by bringing it to a more detailed and realistic level. To ensure efficient and attractive navigation solutions for pedestrians, they should be routed and navigated on pavements wherever possible. Therefore, the project applies and validates a scientific model for route search depending on the quality of the footways. Moreover, PERRON identifies patterns for road crossing road away from dedicated crosswalks and develops routing algorithms as well as extends and adapts existing methods of pedestrian navigation that consider pedestrians needs. Within a user centred design process, these developed methods and algorithms will be brought together in a mobile demonstrator and are evaluated by the Center for Technology Experience in two selected test sites in Austria and Germany.

Key Words: pedestrian navigation, OSM, Route quality, User Experience, User-centred-Design

Start: 10/2014

Duration: 36 months

Customer / Funding Organisation: FFG, funded in ERANET, ENTIII, Traveller of the future, A) Information and Services for Users

Website: www.Perron-Project.eu

AIT-Contact: Stephanie Schwarz