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Container with several labeled sample containers

Environmental Pathogens

Pathogens in the environment may cause substantial damage to human health. AIT has specialised in the rapid and efficient detection of pathogens, mould fungi and allergenic fungi from the environment. The methods applied range from classical microbiological procedures to DNA analyses. AIT also develops and applies rapid tests that are able to detect fungal attack within just a few hours. Our customers include private households, golf clubs, garden centres and indoor air quality specialists.


Mould and water check for private households

The SchimmelCheck mould test kit and WasserCheck water check kit allow private households to cost-effectively test water quality or indoor air quality or surfaces in their homes for fungal spores. Click here to request the SchimmelCheck or WasserCheck test kit. All you need to do is send your sample by mail and you'll receive the results of the analysis by email within 3-4 weeks.


Research services

  • Mould test kit (SchimmelCheck) for testing indoor air quality and surfaces
  • Lawn test kit (RasenCheck) and lawn monitoring for fungal diseases on sports turf
  • Identification of pests on crop plants
  • Laboratory analysis following air sampling
  • Laboratory analysis of material samples, e.g. dry rot
  • All-in-one packages – indoor air quality analysis, dry rot detection