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Symbolfoto: Das AIT ist Österreichs größte außeruniversitäre Forschungseinrichtung

Microorganisms are everywhere in our surrounding, in air, plants and soil. Pathogens in the environment may cause substantial health impairment. AIT has specialized in the rapid and efficient detection of pathogens, mold fungi and allergenic fungi from the environment. Besides classical microbiological methods, molecular methods (DNA, PCR) are used and newly developed, if needed.

We offer rapid and reliable routine analytics as well as individually designed studies and research projects. Our customers include private households, golf clubs, garden centers, indoor air quality specialists, developers and distributers of bioaerosol sampling and detection devices, insurance companies (AUVA, DGUV) as well as developers of air cleaning devices.

In our bioaerosol chamber we are able to produce controlled and stable environmental conditions, for example a specific concentration of fungal spores in the air. These conditions can be maintained for a long period of time and enable the comparison and validation of different sampling device, analytical methods and air cleaning strategies.

As our bioaerosol laboratory is classified as safety level 2, it is possible to work with a multitude of microorganisms. The aerosol can be produced in a wide concentration range, for which we have different aerosol generators. Besides microorganisms also verification and test dusts (for example endotoxin containing dust) are used in our systems.

Our Analytics and Services

  • Mold test kit (SchimmelCheck) for testing indoor air quality and surfaces
  • Lawn test kit (RasenCheck) and lawn monitoring for fungal diseases on sports turf
  • Identification of pests on crop plants
  • Laboratory analyzis following air sampling
  • Laboratory analysis of material samples, e.g. dry rot
  • All-in-one packages – indoor air quality analysis, dry rot detection

Research services

  • Tailor-made sampling campaigns for occupational health and security or indoor mold assessment
  • Validation of air sampling devices under controlled and reproducible conditions in a bioaerosol chamber
  • Development of specific molecular detection systems for fungi, bacteria and virus in the air
  • Development and validation of efficient air and surface decontamination strategies
  • Determination of the microbial diversity in soil