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Urban Foresight and Living LAB

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„The best way of anticipating future is shaping the future!” (Peter F. Drucker | University of New York)

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology supports urban regions in developing sustainable strategies and action plans aiming at increasing sustainability, smartness and resilience. Well-grounded, scientific analysis of previous developments serve as a key element besides manifold images of likely and desirable futures and the identification of existing, local strength for fitting implementation steps. Above all the participatory approach allows developing an attractive future in the present for the present.

“It’s impossible to make the best without doing the best.” (E. Kästner)

Based on roadmaps and action plans of foresight processes Living LAB allows effective, high standard implementation steps based on mutual learning between decision makers, experts and all people concerned.

Our services from analysis to recommendation for action

„Good futurology is the future oriented research of present age.” (Grunwald, 2009)

  • Identification of relevant stakeholder groups to be included in the foresight process (actors of policy, research, industry, civil society, citizens)
  • Analysis of current strength and fields of action (interviews, focus groups, collaborative mapping etc.)
  • Development of business as usual, best and worst case scenarios (environmental analysis, key factor analysis, story lines, story boards, personas, sketches)
  • Visioning process of a desirable future co-created and shared by all relevant stakeholders
  • Jointly establishing strategic relevant guiding issues and objectives serving as a framework for  roadmaps and action plans
  • Co-creation of short-, mid- and long-term roadmaps based on existing needs as well as on the joint vision of a desirable future
  • Containing prior implementation steps within the joint action plan
  • Development of Living LABs serving as participatory implementation instruments of users centred project implementation (citizens, municipalities, industry, science, etc.)

Your advantages

„It does not depend on forecasting of the future but on to be prepared for the future!” (Perikles, 490-429 B.C.)

  • Confidence in making decisions of future relevant problems within turbulences and insecure environments
  • Innovative, sustainable bundles of measures serving implementation plans for the next five to 35 years
  • Planning reliability by governing urban development from a future perspective
  • High stakeholder acceptance of all strategies and implementation plans due to the high stakeholder participation
  • Consultancy in developing complex, trans- and interdisciplinary demonstration & living LAB projects