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Sport City Astana

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Rapid urban prototyping Sports City Astana


The objective of this project was to demonstrate to the City of Astana the methods of smart planning procedures at AIT. The project addresses an area of 70 hectares in the south of the city. The goal of  the project was developement of scenarios on masterplan level and analysis of the scenarios as a  base for further decision making. The outcome works as a base for negotiations between city and investors.

The primary project tasks were to analyze the existing situation, develop a masterplan for a 70 ha  areal and introduce appropriate digital planning tools. New tools developed as part of a collection of components for Grasshopper/Rhino3D considering the key parameters of use, economical impact, traffic flow and energy aspects. The project delivered an innovative technological and methodological basis presented to the city and led to further cooperation.


Our approach contains all phases considering the design parameters use, economical impact, traffic flow and energy aspects in each of them. The advantage of this way of working is that you can easily adjust the created design regarding the results of the simulation and analysis. Beginning with the site analysis, resolving the concept, design development to the final design. There was no design brief for this pilot project specified by the client. The examination of the site in brought up some general concepts. The ratio between the different uses was a follow-up of the site analysis. The strategy for land-use was splitting the private and public functions by placing a commercial building as buffer. Considering the fiscal impact of the scenario the rent of the apartments and offices the park will be financed and creates a high pedestrian comfort. The aim is to develop a valuable, energy conscious, low-rise neighborhood. Control the pedestrian flow and organize the public and car transport.


Mayor´s office Astana