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Key Words:  Smart Cities, Local Energy Systems, Mobility, Urban Data Platforms, Innovation Management
Start: 11/2016
Duration: 5 years
Funded by: European Commission – H2020
Website: http://www.ruggedised.eu/

The aim of the European lighthouse project RUGGEDISED, funded under the Horizon 2020 programme, is to transform selected urban districts in Rotterdam, Glasgow and the Swedish Umeaͦ to low-energy areas with a high quality of life, based on innovative technologies.

In this context, intelligent local energy systems, sustainable mobility concepts and urban data platforms are essential. Among other things, the AIT is responsible for innovation management, monitoring, evaluation of all implemented activities and scientific quality assurance.

RUGGEDISED will become a role model for many cities in Europe and the whole world, enabling them to take action and effectively find smart solutions for a liveable future and simultaneously achieve the targets of the Paris Climate Agreement.