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Accompanying Living Lab for the implementation of green-blue infrastructure measures



In LiLa4Green, a living lab with residents and stakeholders is to be built to implement nature-based
solutions with the most feasible social impact and acceptance in two Viennese residential areas. It
examines how innovative social-scientific methods combined with newest digital technologies (apps, AR/ VR, PPGIS etc.) can enable smart user participation to increase the awareness of the population about mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

  • New forms of smart user participation and citizen design science

  • Methodical development in the implementation of living labs

  • Demonstration and recommendations for urban green oasis improving the microclimatic situation in cities



LiLa4Green aims at increasing the awareness for the positive effects of green-blue infrastructure measures as well as the acceptance and willingness to invest. Concrete fields of investigation are “Innerfavoriten” in the 10th Viennese district and the Matznerviertel in the 14th Viennese district. The need for measures to counteract the urban heat island-effects is high in these densely built areas. The combination of innovative social science methods with the latest digital techniques is intended to enable an optimal mediation of content and contexts. For this, new forms of assessment (e.g. crowdsourcing) and visualization (virtual reality, augmented reality) are tested. In the monitoring phase, a combination of measurements, simulations and surveys is used. For the assessment, different solutions with and without a network of green urban oasis are compared and their effects, costs and maintenance costs are calculated and discussed with the stakeholders. From this, optimal solutions with regard to microclimate and to implementation (costs) and the long-term preservation (maintenance, operation) are to be derived. Through the use of new forms of smart user participation and the visualization of measures and their effects, broad acceptance of blue-green infrastructure is to be created. Through the active involvement of residents and stakeholders, the intensive cooperation with the green innovation lab “GrünstattGrau” as well as the exchange and transfer of knowledge to their cities, a broad dissemination is guaranteed.



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