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Services for the European Comission to support the implementation, monitoring and promotion of the CONCERTO initiative

CONCERTO Plus’s main aims were to add value to the CONCERTO projects, support the European Commission and contribute to the success of the CONCERTO initiative on scientific, technical and policy levels. It includes coordinated analysis, monitoring and dissemination of the results from all CONCERTO projects, including the strengthening of networking between the CONCERTO projects and facilitating the transfer of best practices to new communities across the European Union.

CONCERTO Plus analysed and assessed the relevant institutional, political, cultural, organisational, financial and legal contexts, as well as the processes of implementation adopted by each of the CONCERTO communities, in order to identify factors affecting the outcome of the projects. Special sessions were being arranged to support the communities in their planning and implementation processes and in identifying barriers and solutions for how to overcome them. From the experience of the CONCERTO communities, CONCERTO Plus provided policy recommendations on regional, national and EU level.


AIT Foresight & Policy Development Department

DN Consulting

Krajowa Agencja Poszanowania Energii S.A

EuroKeys SPRL


Overall energy performance of 27 CONCERTO communities - assessment report - Executive summary

Report on the quality of integration of RES and EE in each of the 27 CONCERTO communities

Overall energy performance of 27 CONCERTO communities - assessment report

Report on the quality of integration of RES and EE in each of the 27 CONCERTO communities - Executive Summary

Methodical concept for the socio-economic evaluation of CONCERTO-projects

Energy performance indicators for neighbourhoods applied on CONCERTO projects

Evaluierung der Effizienz von ausgewählten Fernwärmenetzen in der Europäischen CONCERTO-Initiative

The CONCERTO monitoring database as a tool for benchmarking among sustainable communities and assessment

The Refurbishment Actions in the European Concerto Initiative: First Impact Analysis, Barriers and Recommandations

Energy-efficient cities - successful examples in the European CONCERTO Initiative

Evaluation methodology to assess the theoretical energy impact and the actual energy performance for the 27 communities of the European CONCERTO initiative

Die Stadterneuerungsprojekte in der CONCERTO Initiative: Strategien, Instrumente und erste Erfahrungen

Implementing of ambitious energy performance targets for buildings in new urban development areas: The example of the CONCERTO communities

CONCERTO initiative and Polygeneration

Integration of demand and supply side activities in CONCERTO communities: a preliminary assessment of planning and implementation mechanismus for sustainable local energy strategies

Empfehlungen für erfolgreiche Sanierungsprojekte aus der CONCERTO Initiative

Analyses and recommendations from CONCERTO refurbishment projects

Planning and implementation mechanisms allowing for high energy performance in buildings and integrated community energy systems in new urban development areas: the CONCERTO experience

A simplified method to assess the quality of integration between measures targeted to increase energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources in urban areas: example of the CONCERTO initiative