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The urban future isn’t on its way - we’re delivering it today.

AIT is an independent, urban know-how partner that develops cutting-edge urban management and planning solutions. By embracing today’s complexities, we’re pioneering new ways to plan and realise the sustainable, smart and resilient habitats of tomorrow.

Our approach is our differentiator. We combine innovative processes with the latest digital planning tools using big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Transcending the boundaries of traditional disciplines and enhancing our services with scientific innovations, we formulate and answer questions today about the urban tasks and challenges of tomorrow.

Our extensive experience enables us to craft unconventional solutions in a collaborative way to meet the specific needs of private businesses and public institutions worldwide.

In addition to high-level research, consulting and capacity building services, we provide our clients with a global knowledge network and access to selected expert communities.

Smart Spatial Planning

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Energy Conscious Cities & Regions

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Resilient Urban Systems

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