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CITY keys

Rotterdam's streetview with a tram an the photo

cc Frans Berkelaar

Smart City performance measurement system


The mission of CITYKEYS is to develop, and validate, a holistic performance measurement framework
for future harmonized and transparent monitoring and comparability of the European cities activities
during the implmeatation of Smart City solutions. The CITYKEYS framework is defined as a smart city
performance assessment system which includes city requirements, key performance indicators ontology and calculation, data collection methodology; resulting in a validated demo tool with visualised results and open data access.

  • Identify the state of the art in smart cities indicator system and identify the needs of city for performance of measurements
  • Develop and intergrade indicator systems for several European smart cities
  • Test these indicator system using an ICT monitoring platform
  • Give recommendations for deployment of performance measurement system


The European Commission has developed two parallel approaches to support the implementation of smart urban technologies: the creation of ‘lighthouse projects’ (large scale demonstration of  technology in cities and communities) and ‘horizontal activities’ to address specific challenges (e.g. regulatory barriers, in standardisation, public procurement and performance monitoring). CITYKEYS project is within the context of these horizontal activities. The work methodology will be based on the
following key factors:

• Extensive collaboration and communication with European cities.
• Establish a baseline by analysis and integration of existing results from previous initiatives.
• Develop a set of KPIs specific for Smart Cities initiatives evaluation and comparability
• Smart solutions for transparent and open data collection and processing.