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TRUFAL - Trust via Failed Falsification of Complex Dependable Systems Using Automated Test-Case Generation through Model Mutation

TRUFAL is an Austrian research project, funded in the FFG programme line Trust in IT Systems. TRUFAL aims at development of efficient model-based generation of test cases for industrial embedded applications with a special focus on finding implementation faults which violate requirements. This will be achieved by the principle of mutation-based testing, where an original model is slightly modified (“faulted”) and then test cases are searched which will detect these deviations. TRUFAL’s activities is based on earlier results from the EU FP7 project MOGENTES.



  • Project duration: March 2011 - June 2014
  • Budget: ca. € 1 million
  • Funding: ca. € 0.5 million
  • Coordination: AIT
  • Partners: AIT, TU Graz (Research partners), AVL, Thales Austria (Industrial partners)