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image picture of a car with all its components

The EU/ECSEL-project Productive4.0 develops a European platform approach for

  • Factory automation and required IoT components
  • Seamless integration of design
  • Order driven manufacturing
  • Smart production planning, advanced manufacturing control
  • Supply chain management and Products in-use for Digital Industry, application independent and across domains


Today, manufacturers face - besides increasing complexity of their products and systems, as well as highly volatile markets – a rising demand for customization and individual product configuration, and involvement in several partially competing value chains. This situation requires self-configurable supply chain management and automated order-/contract handling, but causes further challenges such as

  • Integration and dealing with legacy systems,
  • Different product cycle times at system, module and component level,
  • Standardization of exchange processes, protocols and data,
  • Security of data and infrastructures, protected communication networks,
  • New or adapted business models.


By developing the mentioned platform, Productive4.0 aims at alleviating these challenges for the EU market in order to strengthen its competitiveness for the next decade.



Project duration: May 2017 – April 2020

Coordination: Infineon Technologies (DE)

Budget: 130 M€

Funding: 57 M€

Partner (i.a.)

  • Industry: ABB (DE), AVL (AT), TTTech (AT), Thales (AT), Evolaris (AT)
  • SME: GUEP software (AT), NXP (DE)
  • Academia: ViF (AT), FH Burgenland, TU Wien, Uni Klagenfurt