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The EU/ECSEL-project Productive4.0 develops a European platform approach for

  • Factory automation and required IoT components
  • Seamless integration of design
  • Order driven manufacturing
  • Smart production planning, advanced manufacturing control
  • Supply chain management and Products in-use for Digital Industry, application independent and across domains


Today, manufacturers face - besides increasing complexity of their products and systems, as well as highly volatile markets – a rising demand for customization and individual product configuration, and involvement in several partially competing value chains. This situation requires self-configurable supply chain management and automated order-/contract handling, but causes further challenges such as

  • Integration and dealing with legacy systems,
  • Different product cycle times at system, module and component level,
  • Standardization of exchange processes, protocols and data,
  • Security of data and infrastructures, protected communication networks,
  • New or adapted business models.


By developing the mentioned platform, Productive4.0 aims at alleviating these challenges for the EU market in order to strengthen its competitiveness for the next decade.



  • Project duration: May 2017 – April 2020
  • Coordination: Infineon Technologies (DE)
  • Budget: 130 M€
  • Funding: 57 M€
  • Partner (i.a.): 
    • Industry: ABB (DE), AVL (AT), TTTech (AT), Thales (AT), Evolaris (AT)
    • SME: GUEP software (AT), NXP (DE)
    • Academia: ViF (AT), FH Burgenland, TU Wien, Uni Klagenfurt