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NAV-CAR 2 - Improved Navigation in Challenging Areas by Robust Positioning

NAV-CAR 2 is a national research project, co-financed by the Austrian ministry of transport, innovation and technology within the 6th call of the ASAP (Austrian Space Programme).

NAV-CAR aimed at making car navigation more robust while at the same time providing more accurate and precise information compared to existing navigation solutions. Focus led on more accurate and robust positioning and map referencing in order to be able to provide lane specific positioning information for traffic and navigation information services.

The technical feasibility of the objectives was demonstrated in two kinds of test drives, test drives on the urban motorway (A23 in Vienna, scenario 1) and test drives in the alpine area (A13 Brenner motorway, scenario 2). For the results see the final report.


  • Project duration: July 2009 - June 2011
  • Budget: € 0.45 million
  • Funding: € 0.28 million (national funding)
  • Coordination: AIT
  • Partners: AIT ÖFPZ Arsenal Ges.m.b.H., BRIMATECH Services GmbH, EFKON AG