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MBAT - Model-Based Analysis and Test

The ARTEMIS-project MBAT will provide the European industry with a new leading-edge V&V (verification & validation) technology in form of a Reference Technology Platform (MBAT RTP) that will enable the production of high-quality and safe embedded systems at reduced cost in terms of time and money. This will be made possible by a new and very promising approach in which model-based testing technologies will be combined with static analysis techniques. Besides this combination, a further new approach is to use (and re-use) specially designed test & analysis models as basis for model-based V&V. This advanced model-based V&V technology will lead to a more effective and at the same time cost-reducing approach compared to traditional ones. About twenty use cases from transportation domains (automotive, aerospace, rail) will prove the value of MBAT.

AIT is core team member of MBAT (member of the technical programme committee, sub-project and work-package leader), and also technologically involved. On one side, by adapting its tools MoMuT, WEFACT, and DTFSim to use case needs and applying them in these use cases, as well as integrating them into the RTP. On the other side, AIT contributes to the MBAT IOS (interoperability specification), which constitutes the backbone of MBAT RTP, and to the MBAT methodology, which helps to use MBAT RTP and integrated V&V tools efficiently. Further, AIT is responsible for the dissemination and training work-package, and contributes strongly to associated standardisation activities.



  • Project duration: November 2011 - December 2014
  • Budget: € 34 million
  • Funding: € 5,5 million from the EU, approx. € 11 million. from national foundations
  • Coordination: Daimler (Germany)
  • Partners: 38 from 8 European countries, e.g. Airbus, All4tec, Ansaldo STS, CEA List, EADS, Infineon Austria, Ricardo (UK), Siemens (Germany), Thales, Volvo (SE)