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EMC² - Embedded Multi-Core systems for Mixed Criticality applications in dynamic and changeable real-time environments

EMC² is an ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking project in the Innovation Pilot Programme ‘Computing platforms for embedded systems’ (AIPP5).

Embedded systems are the key innovation driver to improve mechatronic products with safe, efficient and new functionalities. They support today’s information society as an enabler for inter-system communication and interaction. A major industrial challenge is the need for cost-efficient integration of different applications with different levels of criticality (safety and security) into one computing platform in an open context while fulfilling various, often very high dependability requirements.

The EMC² project aims at solutions that utilize the full power of multi-core technology for dynamic adaptability of applications with mixed criticalities in open system under real-time constraints, scalability and utmost flexibility, and full-scale deployment and management of integrated tool chains throughout the entire product lifecycle.

The objective of EMC² is to establish multi-core technology in all relevant embedded systems domains. AIT’s contribution to EMC² is to investigate, develop and validate methodologies and technical solutions for a holistic approach to safety, security and reliability (co-engineering: co-analysis, co-design, and validation & verification), while taking into account the mission-critical and real-time requirements of embedded networks of multi-core, mixed criticality systems.

Examples for Use-Cases:

  • Connected control units for vehicles with mixed-criticality applications
  • Communication at different criticality levels (with safety, security and performance requirements) over a shared physical network
  • Robustness of novel 3D-detection and inspection systems for quality control in manufacturing and production
  • Autonomous and remotely controlled urban railways
  • Multi-camera tracking with networked cameras, using Quality of Service and Real-Time communication
  • Development of novel, service-oriented middleware for heterogeneous multi-core hardware for multi-camera tracking



  • Project start: April 2014
  • Project duration: 36 Months
  • Budget: € 95 million
  • Funding: € 27 million (EU), € 16 million (national funding)
  • Coordination: Infineon Technologies AG Germany
  • Partners: 100 from 16 European countries, e.g. AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, TTTech Computertechnik AG, Frequentis AG, ITI, AVL List GmbH, Advanced Digital Sciences Center (ADSC) - Singapur