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Integrated model-based development environment with

  • Model analysis
  • Test case generation
  • Model checking
  • Support for test-driven development
  • Multi-Viewpoint-Modelling (Requirement- Scenario-Model-Test-Code)


Demand for embedded software continues to increase through trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and the proliferation of electronic control systems (ECS). In Europe, a bottleneck in locally available development capacities can be seen or foreseen. Software version cycles tend to be shorter (better update capabilities and necessary security updates via Internet, as well as feature enhancements and migration to other platforms through faster product cycles). Developing and updating these systems must become more efficient without sacrificing quality.

Model Based and Model Driven Development can help to achieve the needed higher efficiency. However, available model development tools lack the comfort and integration provided by current Integrated Development Environments for software development.

Therefore, the Eurostars/FFG-project EMBEET developed novel tools and methods for efficient modelling, developing and testing of embedded systems (like Internet of Things or Cyber-Physical Systems). Outcome is a tailorable prototype of an integrated model-based development environment (IMDE) that reduces the overall lifecycle cost considerably. It provides real-time model sanity checks, automated test generation, advanced modelling assistants, on-target debugging, and test quality visualization.



Project duration: October 2016 – March 2019

Coordination: LieberLieber (AT)

Budget: 1,1 M€

Funding: ~ 0,65 M€

Partner:  LieberLieber (AT), CNS Soft s.r.o. (SLK)