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CRYSTAL - Critical System Engineering Acceleration

CRYSTAL is an ARTEMIS project that aims at fostering Europe’s leading edge position in embedded systems engineering, in particular regarding quality and cost effectiveness of safety-critical embedded systems and architecture platforms. Its overall goal is to enable sustainable paths to speed up the maturation, integration, and cross-sectoral reusability of technological and methodological bricks of the factories for safety-critical embedded systems engineering in the areas of transportation (aerospace, automotive, and rail) and healthcare providing a critical mass of European technology providers.

By bringing together large enterprises and various industrial domains, CRYSTAL will setup a sustainable innovation eco-system. By harmonizing the demands in the development of safety-relevant embedded systems including multi-viewpoint engineering and variability management across different industrial domains, CRYSTAL will achieve a strong acceptance from both vendors and the open-source community. CRYSTAL will drive forward interoperability towards a “de facto” standard providing an interoperable European RTP (Reference Technology Platform), based on RTPs of other ARTEMIS projects like CESAR and MBAT.

AIT will integrate its tools MoMuT, WEFACT, and DTFSim into the CRYSTAL RTP, and will apply them in several use cases: Functional power train development by AVL, Function development for heavy vehicles by VOLVO Technology, ERTMS/ETCS interoperability testing by Ansaldo STS and the fault-tolerance platform TAS by Thales Austria.



  • Project start: May 2013
  • Project duration: 36 Months
  • Budget: € 82 million
  • Funding: € 13 million from the EU, approx. € 22 million from national foundations
  • Coordination: AVL List GmbH
  • Partners: 68 from 10 European countries