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image picture of a car with all its components

The goal of the European ECSEL-project AUTODRIVE is to advance fail-aware, fail-safe, and fail-operational electronic components, systems, and architectures for highly and fully automated driving.

AUTODRIVE results will significantly contribute to make automated driving safer and more efficient. Consequently, it will raise end-user acceptance and comfort by supporting drivers in overchallenging situations (active safety) as well as in regular driving situations (ADAS1). Combining active safety and ADAS will reduce the number of road fatalities especially in rural scenarios and under adverse weather conditions. Thus, AUTODRIVE will contribute to Europe’s Vision Zero.  In doing so, it will furthermore enable the next step in efficiency by forming the basis for safe high-speed swarming on highways as well as intelligent road traffic management to prevent traffic congestion.

AUTODRIVE has gathered Europe’s leading semiconductor companies, car manufacturers, suppliers, and renowned Research Institutes to consider all stakeholders needed to create a pan-European eco-system to design the next generation safe ECS2 vehicle architecture.

The AUTODRIVE initiative will address the following major challenges for highly and fully automated driving:

  • vastly improved and multi-redundant computing power with unprecedented availability for the automotive domain,
  • functionally safe ECS with predictive and adaptive power management on car and cooperative level to increase efficiency,
  • low cost reliability,
  • high speed and highly secure data communication architecture inside the car,
  • secure real time Car2X communication,
  • improved sensor data availability and quality,
  • fastened virtual development and deployment,
  • passenger behaviour anticipation,
  • legislation and insurance implementation measures,
  • standardisation,
  • set of agreed validation scenarios to test vehicle and road safety.

AUTODRIVE will lead to a significant competitive advantage for the European industry by setting the standards and being market pioneers of the next generation Electronic Components and Systems architectures. This will sustain and even grow the market position of all AUTODRIVE partners.

1Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
2Electronic Control Systems


Project duration: May 2017 – April 2020

Coordination: Infineon Technologies (DE)

Budget: 65 M€

Funding: 32 M€ (EU and national)

Partner (i.a.)

  • Industrie: AVL (AT), CRF (It) Infineon (AT, DE), Magneti Marelli (IT), TTTech (AT), Valeo (DE)
  • KMU: Ideas & Motion SRL (IT), JAC-Itality Design Center SRL (IT), UAB Metis Baltic (LT)
  • Forschung: Freie Univ. Brüssel (BE), Tecnalia (ES), TU Brno (CS), TU Dresden (DE), TU Graz (AT), TU Eindhoven (NL), TU Vilnius (LT), ViF (AT)