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For safety-critical systems in domains such as transportation, aerospace, or industrial control, this project will focus on:

  • Safety/Security/Performance to be considered together, during the overall life cycle of our products.
  • Flexibility across domains.
  • Consolidate the industrial market by reducing costs and increasing system quality and maintaining compliance with more and more exacting standards.
  • Improved tool features and capabilities.

There is an ever-increasing complexity of the systems we engineer in modern society, which includes facing the convergence of the embedded world and the open world. This complexity creates increasing difficulty with providing assurance for properties like safety, security and performance - particularly for safety critical systems in domains such as transportation, aerospace and the industrial control.

While previous projects (e.g. SESAMO, EMC2, ARROWHEAD) moved the focus towards the co-engineering of safety and security and the influence of security on safety certification or safety cases, they neglected widely the influence of security on performance/further dependability attributes. But increasing awareness in industry and transportation considers the interdependencies between cybersecurity, safety and additional dependability attributes for highly automated networked systems and systems of systems. Hence, AQUAS2 focuses on these aspects as listed above.


Project duration: May 2017 – April 2020

Coordination: THALES Alenia Space Espana, SA

Budget: 16,9 M€ (ECSEL)  

Funding: 9,3 M€ (ECSEL)


  • Industry: THALES Research & Technology, Magillem Design Services SA, Siemens Industry Software, Intecs SpA, THALES Italia - Air Operations, Siemens AG Austria, Technalia, RGB Medical Devices SA, Integrasys SA, SYSGO AG, KPIT Medini Technologies AG, Airbus Group Innovations, TrustPort, a.o.m.
  • SME: All4Tec, ClearSy
  • Academia: Università degli Studi dell'Aquila, City University London, Instituto Tecnológicio de Informática, Brno University of Technology