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DSAI investigates and applies data analytics approaches to gain new insights in to industrial processes

The digital transformation provides industries with unparalleled opportunities for value creation. In this new context, data has become one of the main sources for innovation and business success. When properly tamed, the massive amounts of data companies have today can lead to enhanced business operation, costs reduction, and powerful decision-making strategies. DSAI’s Industrial Data Science (IDS) portfolio can help firms make the most of their data, to conquer the digital transformation challenges. 

DSAI data analytics approaches span the entire data science lifecycle, from data preparation to data analysis and modeling to predictive model deployment. Our team has a solid and proven record in several IDS use cases, from large-scale complex-systems monitoring (e.g., communication networks, blockchains) to customer experience analysis to remaining useful lifetime prognosis.

DSAI will help to define your crucial business questions in the context of digitalized processes, to identify and curate the data that are essential to answer those questions, and to develop the predictive models that will improve your processes, your customer satisfaction, and your bottom line.

Our core competences include statistical modelling, network analytics, deep and shallow machine learning, as well as the implementation of scalable data engineering and analytics techniques on-top-of horizontally scalable architectures. DSAI follows an open source strategy and has strong expertise in the application of state-of-the-art data analytics technology and big-data frameworks. 



  • ABC
  • BigDama
  • Blockchain Grid
  • Data Market Austria
  • DeepRUL
  • FlexProd