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Semantic Annotation without the pointy brackets


Recogito is a leading online platform for collaborative document annotation and developed under the leadership of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Exeter University and The Open University, with funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

As an initative of the Pelagios Network (https://pelagios.org/), Recogito is an online platform for collaborative semantic annotation, which allows for easy publication of research outputs online. On the one hand, Recogito is open source software, designed for collaborating on the annotation of documents in order to produce open (annotation) data. On the other hand Recogito enables research teams from all over the world to build strong working relationships with scholars from a broad range of disciplines and regions.

AIT inside

Recogito is a product of the AIT Data Science group, who has been coordinating the open source development of Recogito, and is also the main contributor to its codebase. A public reference instance of the tool, maintained at the AIT, currently has approx. 4,500 users, hosts almost 4 million annotations, and receives average traffic of around 500 edits on any given day. The AIT Data Science group offers technical support, as well as consulting services around customization, tool branding and client-specific on-premise installations, such as those that currently exist, among other locations, at the University of Umea (Sweden), the Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (Germany), or the University of Lancaster (UK).