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Prototypes & Demos

The AIT research group Data Science is active in many internationally acknowledged  projects. Below is a summary of current research projects as well as a selection of live-online-portals that have emerged or are currently being developed from the projects in collaboration with the various project consortia.


Digital Preservation Cartoons

The following animations are intended for a non specialist audience who is not already interested in digital preservation, or necessarily aware that such issues exist for digital information. It is intended to get the general public to start thinking about situations where you might need to store information into the long term and the issues that might arise in this process.

1. Team Digital Preservation and the Nuclear Disaster

Team Chaos have managed to gain access to digital plans of the nuclear power plant and we're planning a major act of sabotage (by blocking or obscuring access to all infrastructural information!)

This animation introduces the concept of Bit Rot, storage media degradation, metadata, and trustworthy digital repositories.

2. Team Digital Preservation and the Aeroplane Disaster

The president is taking a trip on a high tech and futuristic plane. Team Chaos disrupt the flow of information between the ground and the plane making  the pilots loose control and the plane hurtle to the ground like a dart.

This animation introduces the concept of obsolescence, the preservation solution migration, the idea that we need to preserve the understandability and interpretability of data.

3. Team Digital Preservation and the Deadly Cryptic Conundrum

Team Chaos have planted a bomb in a secret room of the UNESCO world heritage site Sydney Opera house. They plan to destroy this symbol of Culture and Art and cause a bit of destruction and chaos while we are at it.

This animation focuses in more depth on the idea that you need to be able to ensure that future users can understand the information contained in a digital object not just access the ones and zeroes. A text file holds the key to the location of the secret room, but Team DP need the help of RRORI, the registry and repository of representation information, in order to interpret the file in a meaningful way, locate the bomb and save the day.

4. Team Digital Preservation and the Planets Testbed

Blizzard and his band of evil cronies, Team Chaos, have developed a devastating new weapon. But Never Fear trusty Viewers, tune in now to find out what those wonderful whizz-kids at the top-secret Team Digital Preservation research lab have cooked up to protect Digiman this time!

This animation introduces the concepts:

  • Planets Digital Preservation Testbed
  • Kontrollierte, wiederholte Experimente
  • Benchmarken von Services & Best Practises
  • Strukturierte und annotierte Testdaten (Corpora)

5. Team Digital Preservation and the Artic Mountain Adventure

Digiman is baby sitting his niece and nephew for the weekend, but things go horribly wrong when he sends them out on an arctic mountain adventure. Never fear trusty viewers PLATO, the Planets Preservation Planning tool, comes to the rescue showing Digiman the error of his ways.

This animation introduces the concepts:

  • PLATO - the Planets Preservation Planning Tool
  • Strategievergleich unter Zielvorgaben
  • Semiautomatische Analyseprozesse
  • Entscheidungsfindungssysteme