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The SCAPE (“Scalable Preservation Environments”) project addresses the challenges of scalability in digital preservation processes. Scalability in the digital preservation context has several dimensions: the number of objects, the size of objects, the complexity of objects, and the heterogeneity of digital collections.

SCAPE partners are developing scalable services for preservation planning and preservation actions on an open source platform. These services are based on a framework for automated, quality assured work-flows, which is being elaborated and tested during the project runtime. In addition, a policy-based preservation planning tool and an automated watch system ensure a secure and targeted implementation of institutional preservation strategies.

The project runs from February 2010 – September 2014 and is funded under the strategic objective “Digital Libraries and Digital Preservation.” AIT is the project coordinator, a key technology provider and leads the “Platform” sub-project.

In 2013, AIT submitted a proposal on behalf of the SCAPE Consortium to the EU FP7 Call 10 Objective ICT-2013.11.4: “Supplements to Strengthen Cooperation in ICT R&D in an Enlarged European Union.” The result was that four new partners joined the project as of September 2013, and that the project duration was extended by two months (from 42 to 44 months).


  • Starting date: February 2010
  • Duration: 44 Months
  • Budget: 12 Million €
  • Funding: 9,1 Million € from the EU
  • Coordination: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
  • Partner: 20 from 11 countries