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The mission of the SECCRIT project is to analyse and evaluate cloud computing technologies with respect to security risks in sensitive environments, and consequently to develop methodologies, technologies, and best practices for creating a secure, trustworthy, and high assurance cloud computing environment for critical infrastructures.

Cloud computing is one of the major trends in IT in recent years, as a consequence, major companies such as Google, Microsoft, and many more massively invest in cloud infrastructures. A representative example of the growth rate is Italy, here 20% of the IT businesses already use cloud based services and 58% intend to introduce cloud services in the next future.

However, since the cloud computing paradigm changes many aspects of current enterprise IT infrastructure such as organization security management, trust management and policy integration, it raises many concerns in terms of security, reliability, and information assurance. While organizations such as Cloud Security Alliance, ENISA or BITKOM provide a part of the answers to organizations and service providers when implementing cloud applications, their contributions still lack concrete solutions for circumventing these problems and for designing, implementing, and auditing security aspects in cloud computing scenarios. 


  • Project start: January 2013
  • Project duration: 3 years
  • Funding: funded by EU with 3.4 million EUR.
  • Coordination: AIT Austrian Insitute of Technology
  • Partner: ETRA I+D (Spain), Fraunhofer IESE (Germany), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany), NEC Europe Ltd. (U.K.), Lancaster University (U.K.), Mirasys Ltd (Finland), Hellenenic Telecomunications Organizastion (Greece), Ayuntamento de Valencia, Amaris Technologies GMBH (Austria)

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